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queen mary passenger list 1946

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… This database search covers the years 1928 to 1971. Guest. £30.00. CUNARD WHITE STAR LINE RMS QUEEN MARY PASSENGER LIST OCT 15TH … back to the top. From September 1946 to July 1947, Queen Mary was refitted for passenger service, adding air conditioning and upgrading her berth configuration to 711 first class (formerly called cabin class), 707 cabin class (formerly tourist class) and 577 tourist class (formerly third class) passengers. From United Kingdom. or Best Offer. In the foreground are two American flags and a tugboat. Cunard Line. Queen Mary’s first post-war voyage departed on 31 July 1947, sailing from … Booklet about R.M.S Queen Elizabeth. Launched in 1938 and used as a troopship during World War II, it entered the regular transatlantic service of the Cunard Line in 1946.The ship was 1,031 feet (314 metres) long and 118.5 feet (36 metres) wide and had a draft of 38 feet (11.6 metres) and an original gross tonnage of 83,673. Class of Passengers: Cabin; Date of Departure: 9 September 1939; Route: Southampton to New York; Commander: Captain George … Queen Mary . arriving on 17 Feb 1949 on the "Queen Mary". Provenance. Please note, it is based on incomplete records. Ending 23 Nov at 8:30PM GMT 22h 3m. RMS Cameronia (1921. Queen Mary. He came over in the fall of 1946, via New York. 0 bids. It is available for free public use at all National Archives research facilities and many public libraries. There was first class whose cabins occupied the central part of the ship; second class whose cabins were in the stern, and third class whose cabins were in the least desirable part of the ship, in the bow and below near the propellors. The source material for 1960 and 1962-1966 was damaged or missing. Their high speeds allowed them to outrun hazards, principally German U-boats, usually allowing them to travel without a convoy. Jul 10, 2004 4 0 71. Additionally, ship was painted in Cunard livery, while the machinery was overhauled. Page Three Photo Album - The Grey Ghost at War. This overhaul saw luxury passenger interiors installed aboard Queen Elizabeth, in preparation for civilan transatlantic services. Thread starter Julia Peepsie; Start date Jun 17, 2004; Sidebar Sidebar. There are separate indices for Ellis Island and Castle Garden arrivals, some of which are repeated here. RMS Cameronia (1921) Built by William Beardmore & Company, Limited in Glasglow Scotland in 1921, Cameronia was 578 feet long and 70 feet wide, displacing 16,280 gross tons. Ending Sunday at 8:33PM BST 3d 8h. These are the entries found to date and I have further information from the ship's manifest on some of them. The once graceful looking Liner now looks the part of a real troop ship! Passenger Lists for RMS Queen Mary. Following an extensive refurbishment, the ship was returned to passenger service. Click & Collect. RMS Queen Mary — Record of Cruises, 1945–46 One 1945-46 voyage has this additional note: September 27, 1946: The Queen Mary was demobilized at Southampton, England on 27 September 1946. Sample Images. £5.00 postage. Bobette Bryan. Postcard of RMS Queen Mary, 1946. New York Passenger Lists, 1820-1957 Use your browser's back button to return to Records Page. As of 2017, Queen Mary 2 is the only purpose built passenger ship designed as an ocean liner, as opposed to a cruise ship. Donated to Pier 21, September 9 2010, by Jane Fisher. Please email me for details. Some crossings, such as those chartered by refugee assistance organizations, may not be reflected. 1939-07-12 RMS Queen Mary Passenger List. Queen Mary reached 30.99 knots (57.39 km/h) on her 1938 Blue Riband voyage. A dirigible flies above the ship. He is travelling with his wife, Lillian, as well as Perce and June Pearce. RMS QUEEN ELIZABETH (CUNARD) FIRST CLASS PASSENGER LIST 1960 . Passenger Lists for the Year 1947. Her carrying capacity was over 15,000 troops and over 900 crew. Queen Mary Passenger and Crew Accomodations The Queen Mary as completed in 1936 was designed to carry 2,139 passengers in three classes. EUR 16.68 postage. Passenger Lists contained in the GG Archives collection represent the souvenir list provided to the passengers of each cabin class (and other classes). Cunard White Star R.M.S Queen Elizabeth Maiden Voyage 1946 list of passengers, letter and booklet. All Passenger Lists For 1947 Available at the GG Archives. Cunard R.M.S Queen Mary … From United Kingdom Customs services and international tracking provided. Also … The Bill Duggan Story . Jul 10, 2004 #1 Hello, I'm doing some research on the Queen Mary. General Information For Passengers included a paragraph about hiring deck chairs, rugs, and cushions for $3; using the ship’s Radio Telephony & Telegraphy services; that passengers should request their bedroom steward to open and close … Queen Elizabeth was released from Admiralty service in 1946. This giant of the sea offered luxury and a standard unequalled in shipbuilding history. Maiden Voyage passenger list. May 27th Southampton-New York and it was taken by G T S Stevens, I'm not sure … EUR 33.35. You can search by passenger name and view scanned images of the passenger lists. brides and children to the U.S. and 10,000 to Canada, according to … This is a schedule of passenger ships calling at Pier 21 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Listing Includes Date Voyage Began, Steamship Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and Route. A Tribute to the Grandest Queen of all! Maiden Voyage passenger list- 21cm X 14cm. £12.00. July to December: The records of ships used to carry troops to their theaters of operations were destroyed intentionally in 1951. (Picture courtesy of Kevin R. Tam) MV. J. Julia Peepsie. Author’s private collection. Imagine being a passenger on one of these. EUR 10.35 postage. RMS Queen Mary 2 (also referred to as the QM2) is a British transatlantic ocean liner.She has served as the flagship of Cunard Line since succeeding Queen Elizabeth 2 in 2004. Armchair travelers will relish anecdotes about the famous and infamous, the rich and eccentric - the incredible cast of characters with which John Maxtone-Graham has filled his decks.

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