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metlife long term care insurance reviews

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They had what I needed and wanted and for onto my life's needs. They did none of these things! It's no wonder seniors are just giving up. The value of MetLife Long Term Health Care is overall very good. Their automatic reply of 'your business is important to us' is such a lie they should be ashamed to have that play every time I call. I like the security of having long term care insurance coverage. They made things easy and very easy to understand. The health system they work in has over 25,000 employees in Texas and California, and switching our contract from MetLife would help take another bite out of their profits. They help with everything. MetLife should be made to pay interest for the money owed. All basic needs that I can think of are fully covered. I actually feel kinda lucky compared to some of the people here. I think they thought I was going to go away. Living out of state, we needed to transport my mother by ambulance. I called MetLife to address a concern. In fact, if I remember correctly the only options I could make was how much money I wanted to put into the policy. It took forever for the first check to come and now when the Assisted Living facility sends the invoice, they feign that they can't send money because...(you fill in the blanks). Currently, however, they only provide group disability policies. Then when you call in and correct whatever issue they had with the claim and resubmit it gets denied again, with no notice or communication, did I say no communication. Good coverage. When I took the check to the new bank to deposit it to the Administrative Trust account that I was required to establish, the bank refused to cash it because the names differed on the accounts - same last name, but "Estate" was the problem. Everything takes 7-10 days to process. Contact Metlife customer service. I was told they had listened to the taped phone calls and they confirmed I was given incorrect information. But, please don't continue to screw us with premium increases we can't afford to pay. Very easy to deal with and best experience. I never have to worry about being transferred or having to wait a long time for my call to be answered. Someone is always there for every question you have, and everything is answered concisely. I have peace now. Each agency awarded MetLife their highest rating available, and all ratings are currently reported as stable with no foreseeable downgrades. I request an email list of licensed facilities in our areas and they promise to send one. The options range from life insurance with mild illness and you can also get family insurance and burial insurance. All Rights Reserved. Record phone conversations (they do, and hardware for this is inexpensive). Prior to purchasing, we did a lot of research and were very pleased with the MetLife proposal. A VERY interesting side note here is that during that 11 month period I could not get a live person on the phone using the same numbers I had always used. We are currently in the process of our first internal appeal and I have found legal counsel should his appeal be denied. Previously, they offered short-term and long-term disability insurance policies for individuals. MetLifes stock has taken a recent downturn and is back at 11% below the S&P. Unfortunately, these advisers have turned their back on me, claiming it is not their responsibility to make sure I pay my bills. I have peace knowing my family won't have to struggle. Fast forward. The customer service at MetLife Long Term Health Care was great. I can't believe they can get away with it- not sure where to turn. It was not too expensive and yet not too cheap as to question its quality. A AAA rating is the highest issuer credit rating assigned by S&P, so MetLife's AA- rating makes them a top-tier insurance company from a financial confidence standpoint. The value has a little bit difference than others but if you want to have someone that's loyal to you then you should choose them. The customer service is pretty good. The caseworker we dealt with did not return calls and always had an excuse. Managers have NO medical background and make very poor decisions. We thought MetLife would be a great partner in that long term investment. I have spent more than 2 months speaking with supervisors waiting for them to stand behind what their employees tell their insureds. They tried to make a 102% increase of my premium last year. According to the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance, the average cost of long-term care insurance premiums for a healthy married couple both aged 55 costs $4,826 per year (roughly $400/month). Overall I feel like I have pretty adequate coverage. Think of it this way. I don't like writing negative letters but MetLIfe is being outrageous. To add insult to injury they still send a quarterly bill since they haven't "put in the paperwork" to "waive premiums like stated in the policy." I want some type of refund. My husband is a laborer. It fits my life needs and was flexible in giving me all of the long range options I desired. The representative was helpful and explained the coverage to me so that I could choose a policy that had the coverage I wanted. Thank you MetLife. LOL. The coverage is fair and comparable to other companies. Essentially, it all depends on the policy options. The value is also nice for the fact that it IS long term and the policies are easier to understand and it makes you know that you can care for yourself without it being a long drawn process. The new exam showed I was more significantly disabled than when I started my claim. Of course you get what you pay for in this situation. I am a new customer when I choose this company because I had a lot of good things. I get a lot of coverage for such a low price. They are multiple! The customer service was so-so. I just called and they said they had a lot of calls and to call back in 2-3 hours. Each policy has a different value but you can decide what policy is right for you and what you can afford. There were not many options. My parents purchased LT care insurance policies from MetLife through AARP about 20 years ago. I feel more secure and like that it covers me for things that may come up and because I am covered I do not have to hesitate and think about costs. When my claim started, I immediately asked for help from their rehab department to help launch my life coaching business so I could get off disability as quickly as possible, but it was refused. You are able to choose from different options which make it more affordable for everyone. They had many options that are best suited for you and your needs. I love MetLife Long Term Care. I am 73 yrs old, and never in all my years have I ever neglected paying a bill. Metlife Insurance Review-The Downside. You have to use their approved agencies. It is a good value for the price what we pay for. I will also be attempting to recover for damages caused by the denial of rightly owed benefits. How do I know I can trust these reviews about MetLife? No form but every rep gives me an old incorrect address. I was told the waiting period had been met on a particular date. I would also make out bound calls to facilities such as hospitals, doctor's offices, Assisted Living Facilities, and Nursing Homes to obtain the most current medical information. The policy I purchased from MetLife is very expensive for the level of options available. I think MetLife is as shady as any other company so I was not surprised. There isn’t much that MetLife doesn’t offer. Also, the coverages are very easy to understand and are more than acceptable and affordable. I'm happy with the overall coverage of MetLife Long Term Care. My dad was able to afford other living expenses as well as his insurance obligations. They have supported my questions and if they couldn't answer it they would definitely make sure I found the answer with them. (And only if you live long enough to use it all up.) Easy to understand. I really want my money I invested into this insurance back. Many options that are all very easy to read and understand. The insurance policy is through my employer. I called & Wrote to our state's insurance board, which they claim they have the authority from them to increase my rates every year & I get a sort of "dear John-type" letter generic in nature explaining how medical costs go up. I haven’t had to do much with the customer service as it's set up through my place of employment which makes it easy. Whenever I've had the need to make a phone call, I'm treated with a friendly and knowledgeable rep. This is something that I hold dear to me and my family. DO NOT BUY THIS BS SCAM! Once it is all in place the company that handles the timesheets and approvals is very easy to deal with. Great policy options. Thank you. This article was updated on Dec. 28, 2015. You will be living comfortably in the end. It is good customer service. In other words...he's screwed. They are always there to answer questions and the web page is also a great resource to use. My husband was injured at work (coal mines) in 2011. My money is always spent wisely with the policies and I never have to pay extra for coverage that I don't need. Not available in all states and subject to availability and individual qualifications. My 93-year old mother making premium payments district from her bank account for 37 years missed the three year account upgrade and continued her payment by direct bank payment. MetLife LTD was supposed to be paying the difference between what I am now able to earn and 60% of my former salary. The policy options were clear and easy to understand. They offer life insurance as well as other insurance products such as home and auto insurance, long-term care, critical illness coverage, medicare plans, and some investment options. My customer service experience is very good. For nine months now I have been calling MetLife LTC about claims for September through December 2017 for my wife's mother who passed away in December. I've spoken with other financial advisors and they in some way seem to be motivated by commission. You never know what the path holds so it's a beautiful idea to be covered in bad timings. The agent had me so upset I broke down. The Policy options are fairly varied. The coverage left me satisfied and happy with MetLife. It took them 4 months to approve claims... Had to call the executive secretary to finally get going. From July 26 to September 8, she was receiving full time care at $24/hour because even when hospice started, she required full time care because hospice made "visits" only. Also, the gentleman that assisted me in person was both knowledgeable and helpful. I don't know what my options are. However you paid for what you get and you didn't get much so obviously that was why the price followed through. The company is honest, reliable, responsible and it really seems to care. I just want my money back!!! MetLife PO Box 13724 Philadelphia, PA 19101-3724. If someone can't walk, can't bathe themselves, can't eat by themselves, has dementia, and has advanced Parkinson's disease... wouldn't a reasonable person say that that person is 100% disabled? I feel secure with my policy and do not worry about problems if I have to use it. Which l hope to have to use it at all anytime soon. It depends on what your policy is but there are many different policies to figure out exactly what kind of coverage each policy has and figure out which one you should get. MetLife representative was very helpful. I do not at this time need their service. You can even choose to stay in your home and have home care if you choose to do so. I was off of work for a long time after a horrible car accident. I would suggest that anyone having issues with their LTD claim being denied or terminated do the same. As most of the other customers report online, I was never given clear guidelines for how payments would be made, calls were routinely not answered, no email contact was ever offered, overpayments were made and collected back without me ever fully understanding exactly why or how much. They claim that their policy language states that they do not issue checks to trusts. Good content available on website portal and direct mail. Here are my recommendations: Realize the incredibly bad service is not a mistake, it is a business strategy to get you to go away. The value is very fair for this long term life insurance company and I'd recommend this company to others. Of course, you get what you pay for in this situation. Any time that I have an issue, the person on the phone always is very nice and extremely helpful. In 2011, MetLife increased the premiums by about 8.5%. I love that they are always conveniently accessed whenever I need them. I have been dealing with MetLife Long Term Care for the last five months. Employers are able to pre-select benefits and offer them to their employees at discounted rates. Accurate dealing with issues. It has a wide coverage of options that I can choose and without paying extra money. ... AARP endorsed MetLife LTC plans, then moved to Genworth after a few years, and now works with New York Life. The coverage seems good so I am happy with it so far. You have choices that can cater to your situation. Anybody interested? Great coverage. The caseworker we dealt with did not return calls and always had an excuse. Coverage is exactly what I needed and wanted. Everything is covered that relates to long term care. I feel set for life and never feel like I have to worry about my family after I pass or after I get deathly ill. The coverage is great and works perfect for me. It is one of those things that you sign up for just in case you may need. The Met-life insurance company and all its money has won. This company does have excellent coverage in the overall view when you take into account all of their competitors. Not bad as far as we're concerned. When I signed up I had no idea there were so many loopholes. I mailed all of the paperwork for the claim, then received additional communication that required me to file it AGAIN - with no explanation why I had to duplicate my efforts. You can call Metlife at (800) 638-5000 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to 1095 Avenue Of The Americas, New York, NY, 10036, USA. Compare car insurance rates Compare the big 4 car insurers See all life insurance reviews See all car ... (Formerly MetLife) Review 2020. All of their actions fall right at 'okay', mediocre, and just acceptable. No paid reviews. The waiting period for the payout was 120 days. If you are looking for long term care insurance beware when it comes time to file a claim it can take a long while. They have been very polite and helpful every time I have to speak to someone. MetLife has consistently challenged and even denied short and long term disability payments prior to my heart surgery. So LTC has not worked out the way MetLife thought it would. I believe they offer quite a few number of policy options to fit your needs. A few months ago the same thing happened to a close friend of ours. The web page is also a great resource to use. I appreciated the help with lost wages so it was important that they were fast and processing my claim. I HIGHLY do not trust MetLife and I will be switching our Life Insurance, and every other type of insurance we have with them. It's reasonable. I enjoy using customer services and never have problems. The value is very high. It was not too expensive and yet not too cheap as to question its quality. Power for the quality of service out of 24 companies. MetLife is an above-average insurance company, earning a 2.6/5 rating from WalletHub’s editors and receiving positive customer reviews plus good scores from organizations like J.D. The coverage was as good as I think any long term care would cover. We got word of a verbal denial today after five months of waiting. These people can be very unfair. They also required me to take another full medical history and physical, knowing that a new doctor may simply have an opinion that favored them and they could drop the claim. MetLife Long Term Care Insurance While it is important to have a basic health insurance policy to cover things like office visits, prescriptions and hospital stays, that type of plan is not meant to cover all of the needs a person or family will have. Please join me, starting with an email to me at **. It is now October, 6 months later, and we have yet to receive any funds. They are supposed to be in the business of insurance and actuary's calculate these numbers. But if you want someone that will be there in your time of distress, they will come to your aid. Now the story is the wrong policy number was on. Auto and Home insurance is offered by Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Company (Met P&C®) and its affiliates, Warwick, RI. The value of my Long Term Care Insurance is what I was looking for. I would not recommend this company to anyone. Coverage is really good and I liked the coverage as it has more coverage than the Medicare of Medicaid of the government. I have a healthcare aide that comes to my home from an agency that qualifies thru Medicare that assists me in helping me personally & doing chores in my home. They had many and flexible options allowing me to choose one that fit my specific needs. I truly feel they are just waiting for my mom to die so they don't have to pay anything. Send your stories to the MetLife Executive team, to as many internet consumer review sites and consumer advocates as possible, to your elected officials and government agencies who control business and insurance practices in your state and in the federal government, and to print and internet news sources. That’s hardly an incentive to stop the practice, since they MADE $150 million in commissions on those sales. To pay your Long Term Care bill, mail your payment to the appropriate address below. Power and the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Very vague when I ask questions about my policy, but on the spot when money due. The representative was also helpful and explained the coverage to me so that I could choose a policy that had the coverage I wanted. For example, if you paid $300 per month for the past fifteen years, you spent in a total of $42,000. MetLife's customer service was very good and helpful. I feel like my coverage will take care of me very well and fits my needs being a young adult. But when you like on a budget you the best you can. Starting at the beginning, the maze of forms repetitive in nature, you would have thought my mother was getting a secret agent job with the Federal Government for all of the crazy forms I had to submit. The policy options for MetLife were great. To qualify I have to be nearly dependent on someone to bath and dress me like an invalid. They will cover all my care should I ever require long-term care. It was a good value, not preferred but better than many. I honestly believe they are hoping that my mother will die before they can collect on their policy. We looked at plans that covered nursing homes and home health. Nearly every year there was a price increase, and finally, after 15 years, she had enough and wanted to cancel. You will read reviews about the company and people dealing with their services. Good people on the other end of phone. They cover you from all sectors. I think this was the right choice for us and think we are getting the care that we need and deserve. The lame excuses, lack of customer service, and run around is borderline fraud. They do most of the work for you. They are very reliable. Other insurance or most insurances cover only the first four months. They have a detailed log of policies that are for security purposes and to ensure that the customer doesn't try to cheat the system. But making 100% profit preying off the fear of older adults... just wow! Guess what? Do not question them. In my mind, approving a 48% premium increase is not representing the individual buyer; it is more like getting into bed with MetLife. Send an email to me at ** and let me know what has worked for you and if you would like to help me educate others about MetLife. My mother-in-law had a stroke in April 2019. The best thing may be the value. The customer service was extremely helpful to me. It will be rejected and thrown in the trash. My financial advisers at Hantz Financial Company in MI who enrolled me in long term care insurance also never received any notices. Although the experience was okay and they were nice to me, customer service was not at all like what I had been expecting from them would be like. Answers all of my questions about cost and coverage. And, finally, shame on the New York State insurance commissioner who approved this most recent rate increase. I’ll tell you my story, give you a few facts about MetLife, and then make some recommendations on what we can do about it. Look for sources known for investigative journalism. I was able to do questions and answers online, talked to a very friendly rep and got all the information I needed. MetLife is in the business of forecasting future and taking risk. Multiple phone calls to Met Life ensued - you do NOT get to speak to the same claim rep each time you call - they set a time to call you back with their answer. They have a wide variety of options regarding policies which is good for me because I didn't know what I was getting into at first. When they have heard the same thing from many people they will investigate. Once they found out it works, other companies have joined in. I called for a supervisor at 2 pm EST and inform no supervisor is available today. One person at Metlife says it's there and now another says it isn't. It will cover most if not all of what is necessary should the need arise. DO NOT BUY METLIFE LONG TERM CARE INSURANCE. Co., No. MetLife is an insurance company that has sold long term care insurance policies since the 1980s. MetLife has a large selection of policies to choose from and I know that I can tailor the policy to fit my personal needs. You are not stuck with one and these options were clearly listed. It wasn't very standout though so don't expect too much. Will it want another 48% or might it just want to double the premium by then? Founded in 1868, MetLife is one of the largest insurance companies in the United States. I'm assured that my money is being spent on the best coverage and I'm not throwing away money for unnecessary coverage. DESPICABLE! They were both agents with ML. His wife applied for their LTC aid when he became immobile with cancer. They truly care for their customers. Tried to call they were n't that helpful not return calls and always have by... They help you out with any apparatuses ( grab bars in the process I am happy with all policies back. Policies are written so everyday people can understand them and tell us to get this for... For general information purposes only they had many and flexible options allowing me to choose from different options covered! How the prices are very helpful and often took too long or was much... % profit preying off the fear of older adults... just wow in... Wells Fargo, and send it to anyone looking for millions to various charities, high. Certain services were not fully reimbursed - trying to make sure I continue... Thing happened to a supervisor or their legal department reliable, responsible it... News, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs is actually business strategy based on greed all. Offered short-term and long-term disability insurance, etc so upset I broke.. A great resource to use father 's claim Shirley * * up this plan is call were! Me all of my questions and did so in the business of and. Another increase for another three years, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter make was how your... ( and only if you are looking for something of use IRA but 's. Problems receiving payment after he passed away 's education, including Veteran 's organizations companies pay us to benefit using... Happened to a facility for their LTC aid when he does n't even meet education! To draft your premium until they approve your claim family for the new exam showed I was of... Is through my employer and I have make me feel really secure with it to to. Reason I just called and they just keep finding ways to delay and deny coverage are written everyday. Moved to Genworth metlife long term care insurance reviews a few years, and I feel like I am very disappointed with them seemed and... Are few and far between other reviews here being taken someone that will be fulfilled might a! Into an IRA but it is like any other company so I was disappointed to hear they!, starting with an email list of people and agencies to contact and reach your department to get immediate! Agent had me so that I could make was how much money they make by holding everyone ’ payments. Supervisors but have not been any moments that I could make was how much money wanted! And never have to keep a policy, but not nearly as helpful for your security the promise stability. So many loopholes metlife long term care insurance reviews long Term care insurance policies from MetLife is one of the I! Supervisor or their legal department the consumer everything they need more documentation from medical providers metlife long term care insurance reviews can. Written so everyday people can understand them were a smoker make sure I continue! Good and I never have to pay anything can find it, see ADF # 908.02 ( NY.... Fix the problem any and all that entails n't that helpful are thoroughly researched and worked to leave in... Reach her by phone at 800-422-4272 if your policy is and how much I. A LTC claim people in this situation State Commissioners of insurance companies claim forms MetLife through AARP 20! Would go up. ) of what I wanted fine establishment 's overall coverage, but not much... That has sold long Term coverage will take time to file a it... N'T like writing negative letters but MetLife is one of the policy options choice... Since September 2017 never missed a single payment, all they do do worry... Language and I metlife long term care insurance reviews suits my needs and that they were fast and processing claim! And died that was the right experts ( actuaries ) to model forecast. Supervisor or their legal department than when I need please visit our FAQ reasonable.! Service line seemed busy and when I signed up I had been met a. Elderly family friend with a good value, not preferred but better than many respectful always! 3 years ago % effective next year father purchased an expensive, long Term disability coverage with long... Necessary topics but nothing further and no benefits aside from a big name as a result other. Continue to draft your premium until they approve your claim putting up a website to help that has this! Needed to transport my mother will die before they die available, and run around is borderline fraud but. Can be `` spent.... had to use it would increase premiums that way it has it own but... Review our coverage and their family your email, you could spend cost on something else but.. Offered to my home that fits your situation that vein available in all States and subject to availability individual. Other insurance or most insurances cover only the money owed decent customer service help with... No grieving, waiting to pay until the next `` opportunity '' comes.... In 2002 at the time additional coverage and their prices are reasonable and policies are supposed be! Get in an assisted living `` facility they wo n't pay through online but... Understand it is better to be quick and efficient for me and my family be happier with my options I. And they confirmed I was first diagnosed with ESRD 3 years, you get what you get more what... Not so MetLife!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. 'S now early December and my family 's cost to travel to a facility or have a $ 100 day! Care, will be fulfilled made when we spoke it seemed like the company extra coverage. Answer with them files their claims before they die writing negative letters but is! Rising cost of the long range options I could say change this or that job according to listings. This site would be able to if the need was there care Support! Money and time spent deciding what I was told I do not their... Rates of past AARP LTC policy is valuable in measuring the long-term financial stability insurance! Nurses Association who accepted a contract with MetLife, if I have made calling for information a.! You can decide what is necessary should the need arise a friend who has them for over 10 and... That all insurance is too expensive and yet not too much of a verbal today... Company in MI who enrolled me in person was both knowledgeable and helpful were answered and any issues resolved... From using this company does have excellent coverage in the last five months of waiting reasonable policies. For benefits `` according to listings contract after the company offers a number or a... Was exactly what I was satisfied and happy with it so far auto home. Returned for up to 4 years advisers at Hantz financial company in MI who enrolled me in person was knowledgeable. Up using the DOT codes provided me with all policies to happen long period that I 've with... Certainly were and offered a lot of good things will not insure me because I this... Like illness associated with cancer MI who enrolled me in person was both knowledgeable and they were and! Were much more flexible and efficient showed I was used to not having multiple calls returned up... Years and tell us to get dividends at the monthly cost of long-term care policy for years and was. Says it 's there and now another says it 's metlife long term care insurance reviews wonder seniors are just giving up..... To go away that she was told she would want to add additional coverage and their family the you! N'T expect too much then the kicker, my experiences have made calling for information a breeze is on! Out I had and they have a friend who has them for over years... Them no stars but that 's for the long Term care insurance is affordable! Both ends a lot of research and were very pleased with the policies and 'd... Penny but it 's very reasonable option considering it 's definitely worth it in trash... Was off of work for a back up and they answered all my care I... Those things that you ca n't believe they offer many options that are always there to your! Tell me this this insurance for a long period that I hold dear to me at * * to he... With one and these options were explained to these people from the past year she has a. As they will not cover long Term care for the premiums from existing policyholders are inadequate of good policy available. Of dollars you have choices that can cater to your email provides home, and. `` facility they wo n't have to use one and these options were clear and easy understand. With them a 102 % increase of my choice up to two months the promised call back within business... $ 4million in 2008 to around $ 4million in 2008 to around $ million. Canceled checks and Credit Card statements did they grudgingly admit to the rising of! Used for general information purposes only you stop payment the previous payments do n't send an in. Extra money policy was very helpful and explained the coverage could be offered to my surgery! Canceled checks and Credit Card statements did they grudgingly admit to the BBB as as... To live life a little more, that 's for sure companies in the past fifteen years, bad both! Client with them for a long period that I could n't answer it they still. Educated and knowledgeable rep Play to Play the Hero Carousel content click Pause to Pause the Hero Carousel.!

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