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chompie's low carb bread reviews

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I do prefer the thin slices for toasted cheese sandwiches. Basically looking for a larger, thinner slice. They bread and rolls have a weird taste but the pizza dough is good. I could eat a regular bread sandwich every day and just get fatter and fatter, or I can eat a Chompie's sandwich and eat like a rockstar without worrying about weight gain. Toasts nicely. I bought this item two different times. I've had MANY low carb bread (cinnamon) and this certainly is the best. We toasted it....I lightly buttered it and covered with cinnamon splenda, that made a big difference. I've gotten to the point that the bread takes away from the filling in sandwiches now, so I only use Chompies for toast. Will be re-ordering soon. The first loaf was fine - then the 2nd one, I found to have a huge hole down the center of the loaf - all but 2 slices on that loaf were unuseable for anything other than toad in the hole (fried egg cooked inside a slice of bread). I have enjoyed this bread very much. From other reviews I have decided not to try the other two breads plus I think at least the cinnamon raisin has too many carbs for me. Now, however, the toasted, buttered slice, half uneaten, is still sitting on the table, while I decide what to do with it - it is really bad! I had to eat something with a strong flavor afterwards just to get the bad bread taste out of my mouth. You will not regret it. Such a treat when you are eating low carb. The texture is the closest to regular bread I've had. I firmly believe you won't find a better keto friendly bread anywhere. I think there was one raisin in the slice I toasted. Love the cinnamon raisin, very close to taste and texture of traditional (high carb) bread. We keep it in our freezer and take it out when needed. Home / Uncategorized / chompies low carb bread nutrition facts. Will 100% keep this as a regular rotation at my house!! The bread is quite chewy, but is a good substitute to regular bread and does not have a funky taste. A large sandwich can be built as the bread is sliced thicker than other brands. Start Shopping. Love this bread brand. Ever person that tried it, including me, said it had a bitter taste. This is the best low carb bread. Most breads as low in net carbs as this taste terrible and are like eating treebark. 3 Month Low-Carb Bread Club | Chompie's Restaurant, Deli, Bakery, and Catering 4-pack shipped each month for 3 months Product not available for sale in Canada We use only the finest ingredients in our High-Protein / Low-Carb bread. If getting less than a 4 or 5 star rating, this tells me that the reviewer has not tried any of the other low-carb/ high protein breads on the market...Absolute rubbish with more carbs and less protein in most cases. Very happy customer. Netrition recommends freezing it upon arrival. Overall, I enjoy eating Compies bread. I will def be purchasing again! The texture and taste are comparable to regular bread, which makes the possibilities endless. This Chompies bread, and the Chompies rolls are the best!!! So I continue purchase the Great Low Carb Bread Co. thin sliced version (& also their great bagels). Chompie’s customers can now find a menu favorite across Arizona. I can live with wraps for sandwiches, but toast I truly miss. will try toasted with cinnamon and erythritol and butter...should be good. The texture of the bread will take a little getting used to but I’ve been eating nothing but this bread since i started watching my health. It is usually good. This is really good! It is a real 'bread experience' and if I didn't know it was low carb, I would NEVER suspect it. It is more like a "slab" of bread. It’s soft and have a nice wheat flavor and texture. Eats great toasted, grilled or to make French toast. Amazing! Not as good as regular bread, but better than some of the ones I tried from Julian's. i take a slice out every morning and place it in broiler then flip, then i add avocado and egg and its the so yummy… also make a delish toasted BLT. We were so surprised at how close this bread was to the regular from the store. I will be buying this again and again and again! It feels like a thick sandwich when you bite into it. Great product. I have found my new favorite bread. Great stuff! Yay! This is an EXCELLENT low carb bread. Regular toast..And any sandwich of your choice. Cinnamon and raisin flavor is very like though. It took my order a week to get to my house and I was concerned that might compromise quality, but it didn’t. All of their breads are fantastic. It is also a bit less pricey compared to other breads. Normally I can eat four slices of regular bread easily--I almost couldn't eat the second slice cuz I was so full. but the taste is so close to regular bread it is worth it :). I do keep it in the fridge because I do not eat this daily. But there is no reason why you should cut bread completely from your diet either. I want to try making French Toast with it as well as others have suggested. The bread is sliced like regular bread, and has a bread-like texture. I do get another brand, who make thinner slices. This bread is amazing! is perfection! Chompies low carb bread is the best low carb bread I have eaten. Great taste and texture - don't know where I would be without it. However, If I receive another loaf with the hole in the middle I WILL RETURN IT. THESE ARE REALLY AWESOME LOW CARB BREADS. It taste very close to regular whole wheat bread. This is our first order, so far we like it. I highly recommend it.. I’ve tried the other flavors and bagels- they’re all just as delicious.. this is the only low carb bread I will buy now . I checked prices online and Netrition has the best price. This is the best low carb bread I have ever tried. I have tried countless brands of low carb/keto bread and this, by far, is the best!! They are very low carb and lower-calorie than some. This is my first real low carb bread along with my first purchase from Netrition. Considering the amount of sugar in raisins I should be happy to taste them even if it’s just a little. Totally works! Also fantastic toasted. The one net carb per slice makes it completely keto friendly! The closest thing to "real" bread I've had since cutting carbs. Toasts great as well. For me, it is at its best toasted, where it really comes across like an honest to goodness "normal" piece of toasted bread. Top positive review. A bit pricey but such a good product. I’d highly recommend it. I think the texture would stay almost as lovely and I believe because it tastes sooooo good, people would eat more..lol. we recommend that you test your blood sugar levels after trying ANY new product to make sure that there is no insulin spike. Love this thick sliced cinnamon raisin bread I eat it toasted with chocolate hazelnut spread or with peanut butter and jelly on it and making it as French toast. Take one loaf out put into the refrigerator it defrosts. I did not like this product. I had such high hopes for it, and was really looking forward to receiving my package. Used the sesame for bullseye fried eggs and again, amazing! I buy this all the time. At 1 net carb per slice & not having to be immediately frozen I would recommend & buy again. Buy it. Blech. Hope it's as good as the other two. it stays in freezer well. I was very surprised by the taste and how soft this bread is, my bread loving husband doesn't know the difference. toast...buttery crunchy feel like almost regular toast. They look great, smell great and have excellent mouth feel and taste. Tastes like real bread, and has a wonderful texture and flavor. This brought me back to the days before keto and I was a happy girl. Very tasty bread, I can't tell it's low carb. I will be keeping in stock. I really missed bread, Tried other brands but they really tasted too much like nothing. With coffee and sugar-free cream, breakfast of two slices is 300 calories, has more protein than 2 eggs, has 4g of fiber, and only 2g of carbohydrates. Best Low Carb Forum On The Web Loaded With Recipes and Support Everyone who visits this low carb forum is welcome to join. This bread would be perfect if the slices were a little thinner. Chompies Carb Not bread is the best low carb bread and I have tried many. I have tried other well known low carb bread brands and really like the taste and texture of Chompie's. The taste was much better than I expected. I like that this bread is big and thick in comparison to other keto breads, also less expensive. YUM! Really good tasting bread. This is one of the best breads we've found, but both my hubby and I find the crust off putting - it's realllllllllllllllllllllly chewy. Have been impressed with how satisfying it is to have “real” low carb bread. I’ve tried some others but this one... AMAZING toast perfectly. I can't wait to try the cinnamon raisin! Cheese, peanut butter, cream cheese, and meat all need some low carb side dishes to make your meals next-level delicious, and this list of low carb bread recipes is here to prove it!. This is the best low carb bread I have tried! I absolutely LOVE this bread!! You would never know it wasn't full of carbs! I love the bread toasted or grilled. I find this bread to be one of the better tasting low carb breads. Then tada, we ordered this bread. I love Cinnamon with Raisins, I make peanut butter and sugarless preserve for breakfast and it is delicious, just raises sugar a little bit within the norm (not more than 40). 19 Best Low Carb Bread Recipes. No more nasty tasting low carb tortillas for me. The absolute best low carb bread I have ever tasted. Was looking for a low-carb bread. They are not woody or dense. Chompie's Multigrain Bread quantity. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. I'm a bread lover and this hits the spot perfectly! One of the best flavored and textured low-carb breads I have found. It’s soft, like real bread, unlike most of them which taste like cardboard. Do better! When toasted, it almost tastes like french toast. I love chompies. I ordered 2 loaves and was very pleased with both flavors I tried. I would give this product 100 stars if possible. Really a great low carb bread. This is bread that tastes just like great bread without the carbs! It was so good! Over the years we have tried many low carb breads, and I am sure there are many we have not tried, but Chompies while still a little bit on the chewy side has by far the best flavor and taste we have found. Of the low carb breads, this was a little better. One of the best low carb breads we have tried. Love it! Great as cinnamon toast! But the cinnamon raisin flavor is far from either cinnamon or raisin! As a bariatric patient I have to avoid carbs. and the macros are great. Taste was overpowering for a sandwich. It tastes and feels like carb version of whole wheat bread. I have tried several low carb breads that are just ok, you can tell it’s low carb but it’s good enough. I’m truly impressed. For additional alternatives, look at our catalog of Chompies Bread … They have a LOT of flavor, too--nuanced and more complex than other low-carb breads. I like the bread. There’s nothing bad about it! I get the satisfaction of having a low carb bread! But it has such a bitter aftertaste that I can't get past. This product definitely fulfills my desire for bread - I have already made a peanut butter sandwich that was yummy and made toast to go with my eggs. I was SO disappointed after trying this, as it had raving reviews on here. The spongy texture some people talked about is definitely there, but I find that if I cut the crust off, it's much better. I can enjoy eating bread again without the carbs and it doesn’t taste like cardboard! Based on the overall glowing reviews, I ordered the Multigrain & Cinnamon Raisin. Very tasty and a nice break from omelets! This bread by far, beats all other low carb breads. Love having bread without the carbs! I so wanted to like this bread but unfortunately not the case. This is my favorite low carb bread to date. A little expensive tho. For me it is not worth the price. If you can get past that then it's good to have bread again. Great product for low carbers. Love this bread and how it has 7 grams of protein per slice. This bread freezes well and comes out great when thawing. Tastes like bread and very yummy, It does help to toast it a bit because the texture can get a little bit spongy. It's better toasted in my opinion but very good either way. The best low carb bread i've had yet!! I bought the Multi-grain Chompies bread. I was so wrong though! Love love love!! So, so good. PLEASE considering making more flavors of your bread. Great for grilled sandwiches. My husband made me order 6 more loaves to freeze. Thank you. It’s good! If you’re in keto and miss bread, you must try this! 2. For low carb it is very good, wish price was lower. Most low carb breads have a weird flavor and a texture like styrofoam. From long-time low carber I can say this is definitely A GIANT STEP BACKWARDS in terms of low carb bread. It's wonderful to have a bread option! The cinnamon raisin bread didn’t do it for me! I have ordered both flavors twice now, and I am truly happy with both textures and no wierd off tastes!! Love this bread, I was introduced to it when I lived in Phoenix. It's a little bland for a sandwich but does the job. Delicious!!! Good as toast or fresh. I was pleasantly surprised how personable the representative was that assisted me. Chompies bread tastes like really bread and I can have sandwiches or toast in the morning. Just too sweet. I can have pulled pork or a nice juicy hamburger on a bun. It was tasteless and cardboardy, not what I want in a bread! I feel like yes it does have a different taste and after taste BUT I really recommend it if you toast it it really helps with the taste and texture Again that’s just my preferences it’s really worth it on my opinion just give it a shot, Great product for those who need bread...but can't have bread, Reviewed in the United States on September 20, 2019. I have not tried the Sesame. It seemed a bit costly, but when I thought about the cost of going out for breakfast versus the cost of this, it suddenly seemed more affordable. This is my favorite bread. Texture and taste like “regular” bread. It toasts well. If you like hearty, whole grain breads you can chew, like what is common in Germany, you will like this. Reviewed in the United States on May 15, 2020. Slices are thicker than most breads, toasts beautifully, and tastes really good. This is amazing low carb bread, this is the closest thing to "real" high carb bread I have ever tasted. The last couple of times it has had holes in the middle of the bread. I will purchase again! I toasted it, buttered it, and then sprinkled a packet of sweetener and extra cinnamon on it to enhance the flavor a bit. This is absolutely the very best low carb bread that I have ever tasted and I have tried a few It is as close to regular bread that you can get. Someone who has been eating low carb will likely enjoy this tasty bread with only 2 net carbs! It may toast more throughout if the bread were a bit thinner. Can't give this enough stars! I am buying this again. The multi grain is great for toast and sandwiches but be careful not to overtoast as it gets dry. My daughter said it is also delicious as a grilled cheese. The sesame is my fav. I bought 4 loaves, I hope they don't all taste like this one. Living low carb, so happy to have cinnamon raisin French toast again! It just must have more taste and fragrance. Doesn’t really help to toast as lightly toasted, why bother, and dark toasted, inedible. When toasted it has a light crunchy outside but a chewy spongy inside AWESOME! I haven't eaten it not toasted so I think it might be a bit too soft for me if I did, but toasted with my ghee or a grilled cheese it's great. Love the multi grains in it. I prefer the cinnamon raisin vs the multigrain. The cinnamon raisin is not as good as the multi. I really need to test to see how it effects being in ketosis because this stuff almost seems too good to be true. I challenge anyone to question whether or not this is "real" bread - because you'll never know the difference. I'm thankful to have found this. With a more neutral taste (no bitter aftertaste), thinner slices and a white bread option, ii think it would be perfect. With this, as well as the others, there is an odd texture when chewing. They used to make low-carb bagels for sale in their own bakery and the Everything low-carb bagels were the BOMB! I don’t know how the Chompies quality team could miss such a defect. The bread toasted with a little butter and honey is delicious. I let Netrition know, and they immediately shipped out a replacement loaf. I love the cinnamon raisin, toasted with peanut butter for breakfast. It’s crust and soft texture are like ‘real’ bread-it toasts nicely and makes a great grilled cheese sandwich. Seriously. We’ve found the best way to eat it and keep it fresh is to always beep it frozen. Only one use found reasonable for using bread and that was making a low carb french toast. We love this bread! This bread was fluffy and a bit chewy. I will definitely buy this again. You will not regret this purchase- delicious bread!!!!! I mistakenly entered my Credit card info incorrectly & needed to call. This tastes better than the bread you pickup on the shelf in a grocery store! But, even just out of the bag, it's better than using lettuce leaves and is the best keto bread I've found. Approximately 2 inches by 3 inches. I have ordered the cinnamon raisin and sesame. Very good bread, for low carb. It taste amazing and you can eat it without toasting. Why? It’s very good!! Would recommend it to anyone. I live the keto lifestyle and this is such a treat when you get that hunger for bread, a certain sandwich or French toast. For what it is, I am satisfied. Wow...just wow. So good!! After the first try I knew I needed to get a few more loaves in my pantry. Net carbs: 0 g. Review score: 2.5 stars. It is a little spendy but it keeps very well in the freezer so I eat it sparingly so it lasts longer. It also travels well from Netrition on the East Coast to my location near the West Coast. We didn't care for it at all unless it was very well toasted (which was nearly impossible without slicing each into two slices). That being said, I would still reorder as it's as close to regular bread I have found. Delicious subtly sweet bread with a few raisins! I was able to get all the ingredients right here at Netrition. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, proxy cached or otherwise used, without written permission of content owners. And guess what this bread rocks! Going to weigh cost to benefit on Keto. We prefer the sesame seed and cinnamon raisin varieties over the multigrain. This bread is great when toasted and makes good French toast. (Air bubble) so that was weird. It's wonderful toasted and actually absorbs melted butter like real bread. If you love multi grain bread as I you will love this. This bread is chewy but I actually prefer it! But not eggy. This is the BEST low carb bread I have ever had! The taste spot on. I unfroze it and it was just as good as when it arrived. I've been a low-carb eater for decades, and have had my share of breads that I do eat (and enjoy) just because I know they are better for me. It’s excellent! Tastes like normal bread. Then I had to tear up the rest of the two loaves to throw out in the yard as well. This is a good product but since it doesn’t satisfy my desire for raisin bread I won’t but it again. If toasting I just had to toast and little longing then normal. They have really figured out how to make low-carb bread that is as good as any store-bought loaf. Soft bread. I highly recommend. I am a Type II diabetic. Love the cinnamon raisin for breakfast!! Hands down the best. Also, it didn't help that the loaf was caved in on one side - smashed up against another box which contained bags of pasta I ordered at the same time. Also I love that the slices are just abut the size of a normal slice of bread because other low carb bread is often much smaller. The taste is pretty good and makes great toast and sandwiches. I put two slices in the microwave for 20 seconds and it comes out perfect. Add to cart. I'm truly disappointed I did not try this first. I just got my bread today and I am totally satisfied. The bread is delicious. Freeze immediately to make last and makeup for shipping environment, but defrosts very quickly. Overall I will order again if I can’t get my original bread. I’ve been enjoying the toast and sandwiches I thought were a thing of the past once I began a low carb lifestyle. Maybe better. Yes, a bit chewier, especially the crust, but much less so than most such products and no dryness. If you're thinking it is too expensive for a loaf. And eating sandwiches on bread instead of lavash or pita or tortilla is a treat. The low carb lifestyle took away one of my favorite foods - bread. If you have diabetes you should always moderate your bread consumption. This bread will take you to a happy place. Find the best prices on Chompie's products at Canada's most popular online health food store, The Low Carb Grocery. The multigrain low carb bread is great. This does NOT taste like bread. The bread toasts well and makes great French toast. I take a frozen slice, toss it in the toaster, then put (vegan) butter on it, and it's a great snack. Each morning, I butter one side of 2 pieces of bread and place them on a pan until they are toasted. I’m a texture person and I personally don’t like the texture of this bread it’s spongy BUT it’s not a deal breaker again that’s just me ! Will be purchasing again!!! I’m really impressed with how much I love this bread ! This company exemplifies fair and honest business ethics. These slices are nice and thick, however, and not ultra thin. I've tried both the Multigrain and Cinnamon Raisin and it's a nice low carb replacement. It’s light and soft, makes great sandwiches, toast is amazing! It’s anti-Keto, but yes, low-carb,” says another reader. I tend to keep bread in freezer and toast it when using, so can't speak to how the bread tastes without toasting. No other brand i have tried does this good. Exceeded my expectations in a big way. Also makes great garlic bread. I will definitely purchase both items again. I've been low carbing for over 2 years, and it was getting old making a loaf of bread every other week, with all the other low carb cooking I was doing. This is the best I've tasted- would recommend toasted and not straight out of the bag- it has a high moisture content and a slightly different texture than regular bread (high carb)- but satisfies that "want" of eating a real sandwich (not a lettuce wrap). Just finished a grilled cheese sandwich. A must try for anyone still searching for that real bread taste. There is a gummy texture problem untoasted and toasted you get that styrofoam consistency. Thick "fluffy" slices are somewhat different than the thinner / more dense low carb bread competition out there (I like that too, but this better). I am a huge … I found this bread to be one of the best low carb breads out there. 1 Chompies Low Carb Multigrain Bread 2 Loaves Hands down this is the BEST low carb bread I have ever eaten. I have tried several brands of low carb breads and this is by far the best. It tastes good, toasts well and has nice thick, grainy slices. Not to overly powering. I know it’s an old saying but here we go ‘ Try it you’ll like it“. This is the best LC bread I've ever tasted. To me, it tastes milder than the rolls. I wouldn’t believe it was low carb but I’m losing weight and I eat two slices everyday lol. As close to regular bread as I have been able to find. They can keep it! Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Chompies Low Carb Multigrain Bread 2 Loaves, See all details for Chompies Low Carb Multigrain Bread 2 Loaves, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. That is to be expected with the low sugar content. I bought the loaf and then I froze a few pieces to see how it would do. It is pricey It is better toasted. The thickness of the slices makes it seem worse. I recommend it highly and, did I mention, I just LOVE it!!! The texture is VERY similar to real bread. Netrition came through. On a special diet and substituted two slices of bread for two ounces of meat but it was worth it. Don’t take this the wrong way but I so am glad you were out of the sesame Bread. It smells, tastes and has a texture of a mutligrain or wheat bread. Excellent bread. I tried the Chompies cinnamon raisin after throwing away two loaves of The Great Lo-Carb Bread Co. cinnamon bread which due to the overwhelming sweet stevia taste, were completely inedible. But I would definitely recommend. (Toasting improves the flavor and texture of every low carb bread I've tried.) I LOVE THIS BREAD!!! This bread is so good. It is perfect for our low carb diet because it doesn't blow the carb count! We really enjoyed the cinnamon raisin bread, toasted with butter it’s really tasty. Nice size slices, toast and grills perfectly. I enjoy the texture, the flavor is fine and it fills me up nicely. Price is a little high, the loaf is small. I was so pleased that the toasted Chompies which had no aftertaste, had a good texture and really nice flavor.

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